Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Where can I purchase a design for myself or my team at that you will host on your website for us to buy?
Answer: You can simply visit our Services Page where you can find all our art and design pack options.

Question: I have a design I want to have you print onto a T-shirt, where can that be done at?
Answer: Reach out to your account manager and they can help you get this done.

Question: I purchased express shipping (or fast shipping) and my order did not arrive on time. What now?
Answer: Please always remember at every checkout your accept our Terms of Service and Refund Policy. As a custom printing facility we do require up-to 15 business days of processing time after you place your order to ensure quality and to print, sew and preform all other aspects of custom printing.

Question: My order has gone over 15 business days. WHAT NOW?
Answer: Customer service is our #1 priority. If we have an order go over 15 business days, there is something seriously wrong or we are extremely backed up due to an unforeseen circumstance. As our Terms of Service dictate we will reimburse a client a portion of their order for the inconvenience but we still retain the right to process and ship the order within 20 business days as long as a reimbursement amount is made on the sale.

Question: Why does it seem impossible to get a refund on an order?
Answer: Every single item we create is custom. Custom in this instance means that each order has an artist customize an item by size, gamertag, real name and other variable aspects for every single order made here. Once the art is done for an order, our factory in Las Vegas will receive the art and print it out using extremely high quality dye-sublimation. Once printed, each garment must be cut and hand-sewed together to ensure the highest quality possible. For this reason we allow ourselves up to 15 business days to ensure that our quality is stable with every single purchase made.

Question: Do you print for other sports?
Answer: We do! Our factory in Las Vegas prints Football, Basketball and in many other sections of apparel printing. Please contact us HERE for more information and how you can contact us for things like this!